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The Idaho State Snowmobile Association

is an organization dedicated to preserving,protecting, and

promoting snowmobiling

in the great state of Idaho.

Our members may come from

every corner of the state, but

they all share one thing

in common:

their love for snowmobiling.


memberships are $20/year

and Business Members can join

for $50/year.

For less than 10-cents a day

you can protect the sport you love,

save money on gear, and

help the next generation of snowmobilers maintain access

to the trails and paths that

you grew up with.



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Idaho has over 7,200 miles of snowmobile trails in 29 grooming programs located throughout the state! Millions of acres of open riding exist on Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, State and private land.






7 Great Reasons To Join ISSA!

  • Protect The Sport You Love
  • $3,500 Accidental Death Insurance!
  • Help Maintain Access
  • Safety Education
  • Discounts on Clothing, Equipment & Gear
  • Bi-Monthly Newspaper
  • Scholarships for the Next Generation of Snowmobilers







ISSA Mailing Address:

10400 Overland Road # 384

Boise, ID 83709





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