East Bonner County Area 9B & Boundary County Area 11


LAST UPDATED: March 13, 2017




IT IS DEEP OUT THERE!  Several small natural avalanches.  Ride smart and with a friend!


This Sandpoint & Bonners Ferry Area Groomer Report is available online at under Groomer Reports!


Sandpoint Winter Riders is now on Facebook.  Get information at


Check out the Sandpoint Winter Riders Club Page on the Idaho State Snowmobile Association site

under Regional Clubs on


Be avalanche aware.  Check the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center forecasts and training information at


Register your over snow vehicles for Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Areas 9B or 11 to support this program.


Caribou Closures in the Selkirk Mountains are still in effect while the USFS Winter Travel Planning Process is completed.  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CLOSURE BOUNDARIES - DON'T GO!  Get the maps at USFS offices or USFS website at 



Trestle Creek (13.2 Miles):     3/12/2017

Lunch Peak (3.9 Miles):         3/12/2017 

Moose Lk Trail Head              3/12/2017

Lightning Creek (14.9 Miles):     Dec/2015 - Severe Flood Event. Closed from above E. Fork to Char Falls!

Wellington Creek (approx. 7 Miles):    Dec/2015 - Severe Flood Event. Closed at damaged Bridge!


PACK RIVER: Stay out of the Caribou Lawsuit Closure Areas

Pack River (16.2 Miles):       3/3/2017

Jeru Loop (11.7 Miles):          3/3/2017

McCormick Ridge (2.9 Miles):      2/8/2017    to old washed out bridge

Pearson Basin/Dodge Peak (8.9 Miles):   2/22/2017


ROMAN NOSE: Stay out of the Caribou Lawsuit Closure Areas

Fall Creek (12.2. Miles):            2/11/2017 (2/22/17 Pearson to RN Turn)

Ruby Creek (8.0 Miles):           3/9/2017

Snow Creek (16.5 Miles):          2/10/2017

Roman Nose Lakes (1.5 Miles):   3/9/2017


HIGH DRIVE (JOHNSON, TWIN, & DRY): connects to Kootenai County Grooming

Johnson Creek (8.7 Miles):       2/23/2017

Johnson Saddle (8.4 Miles):      2/23/2017

Twin Creek/Ruen (11.3 Miles):   /   /2016

Dry Creek (7.7 Miles):        1/11/2017

Buckskin (4.9 Miles):          2/23/2017

Mosquito Flat (9.7 Miles):    2/23/2017



Deer Creek (10.9 Miles):                               2/21/2017

Canuck Pass/Dougals Loop (8.9 miles):       2/21/2017

Ruby Loop (portion of 25.7 Miles):                2/21/2017

Copper Creek (portion of 25.7 Miles:   


SMITH CREEK: Stay out of the Caribou Lawsuit Closure Areas

Smith Creek (11 Miles):     Grooming unlikely until USFS Selkirk Winter Travel Plan Update completed.  Open areas are very few and most everything is closed.  STAY OUT OF THE CLOSURES.  You don't want to ruin it for the future!


IPNF Winter Travel Planning is to start again.  Stay involved! 

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